Red Barn Estate

Then & Now

We are a family owned business that opened in late 2011 as Phil's Berry Farm.  We originally opened as place where guest can purchase milkshakes, pastries, key lime pies, etc. all the while relaxing in a family fun filled atmosphere. 

In 1950 the MARRACCINI family left New York to settle on a dead end street known as North Kendall Drive.  Among their possessions was a branch from a Mulberry Tree taken from Staten Island, New York.  That branch would blossom for the next 62 years as did their new business of raising and selling ornamental, fresh water tropical fish.

During that time period the Marraccini Family was involved in many other areas of farming including groves, vegetables, poultry, and all types of animals from rabbits to Arabian horses.  In 1970 the family moved to their present location in the Redlands and yes, the Mulberry Tree was transplanted to their new farm.

In 2012, Phil Marraccini Jr., decided to sell the tropical fish business and start a new adventure.  He decided to open PHIL’S BERRY FARM as a farming attraction to tourist and the community.  The main focus of this enterprise is to offer top quality farm products plus educational tours, coupled with a place to sit down and enjoy life.  Included in this adventure is an experimental hydroponic section concentrating of growing lettuce, strawberries and other items.

The “RED BARN” is opened to the public Saturday & Sunday… ALL YEAR! The facility is available for tours, private parties and charitable functions any day of the week by appointment. 

As time passes and our family continues to grow, so does our business.

We are excited for our new adventure here at PHIL'S BERRY FARM. 

In late 2017, Christina and Michelle have teamed up to bring you

RED BARN ESTATE.  With years of experience in Wedding/Event production they decided this happy farm in which they grew up would make a perfect venue for weddings and events.


-Marraccini Family